WCA Athletics Brand Standards and Guidance for Coaches

WCA underwent a substantial overhaul to its brand standards with regard to our athletic programs two years ago. The result of the overhaul is a set of logo parameters that would be universal across all sports, and provide a bold, modern feel to the athletics program logo set. 

As a coach at WCA you may have some input or control over your team's apparel choices. This online guide displays the various types of logos available to you for your team, and outlines the process and procedure to request modifications or deviations from the standard logo set. 


The Logo Types

The WCA Athletics logo set comes in two versions: the banner style logo meant for wide format applications, and the stacked logo set, intended for more vertical presentations. Examples of the two logo sets is provided below: 


In the banner logo, the WCA Eagle "Swoosh" is placed to the left, with the words Williamsburg and Christian stacked to its right. The logo is ten customized with the sport name in the same color as the eagle below Williamsburg Christian.

In the Stacked logo, the school initials and mascot, WCA Eagles are placed beneath and to the left of the eagle logo, and the sport name is placed beneath that aligned left in the same color as the eagle. For use on uniforms, the version without the sport name is most commonly used, while the version adding the sport name is generally reserved for warmup or jacket items.

*Note: due to the naming convention chosen when establishing the team eight years ago, the swim team logo differs from the remaining logos by spelling EAGLE SWIM on both Banner and Stacked logo versions. 

Logo Inversions

The logos are produced with transparent backgrounds and adjusted for different backgrounds: light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, and gold or yellow backgrounds closely matching that of the gold eagle swoosh:

Logo Deviations

As seen above, there has been a slight deviation from the standard logo for the Junior Eagles program by adding the word JUNIOR in the top level of the E in Eagle and adding a clipart that represents the sport presented in the head portion of the Eagle. Deviations from the standard logo are not recommended, but if a deviation is presented that doesn't dramatically deviate from the core elements of the primary logos, it may be submitted for consideration to the Head of School/Marketing Department. 

Examples of acceptable deviations:

  • Use of just the textual portion of the logo, where the Eagle swoosh is relocated to another part of the uniform (shorts leg, mid point of upper back, opposite chest, etc)
  • Use of just the WCA portion, Williamsburg Christian portion or Eagles portion of the logos to contrast home and away jerseys (the core font, Antique Nord Italic must be used or the closest font to it available from the vendor)
  • Using a monotone of the entire logo

Examples of unacceptable deviations:

  • Use of the WCA main logo (non-athletic) on athletic attire
  • Inverting the lettering and symbols on the logo (placing the lettering on top of the Eagle swoosh)
  • Using a font different than the designated athletic logo font, or an Eagle other than the WCA Eagle Swoosh*
  • Using colors outside the established WCA brand color palette*
*There will be instances where the vendor chosen has a limited palette and font typeface selection available for uniforms. In this case, the closest colors and fonts to the brand standards should be used. 

Below are some mock ups of uniforms for various sports that can be used for inspiration in selecting uniforms with the WCA logo